5 of the Best Reasons to Do a Luray Caverns Tour

When looking for attractions near the Inn at Vaucluse Spring, be sure to check out the nearby caverns for an underground tour. The Luray Caverns in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley offer a premier place for viewing, featuring awe-inspiring underground views and walls of ancient stalactites and stalagmites. Book a Luray Caverns tour today to discover just what this magnificent landmark holds within! Here are just 5 of the best reasons to embark on a Luray Caverns tour.

History of the Luray Caverns

When cold air rushed out of the limestone sinkhole on top of the big hill west of Luray, Virginia, in 1878, a candle blew out in the hands of Andrew Campbell, the town tinsmith. Thus, the Luray Caverns were discovered. Along with three other men and his teenage nephew, Campbell began exploring the area, looking for the potential cave. Digging away loose rocks, the men ventured into the cave by descending a rope. They were astonished at what awaited below ground. They had made the discovery of the largest series of caverns in the Eastern United States!

Natural Landmark

The National Park Service and the Department of the Interior have listed the Luray Caverns as a National Natural Landmark. The site is a one-of-a-kind wonder in the East, and illustrates the natural heritage of the United States, giving a better understanding into the past and into the secrets that lie below our current environment. You will be blown away by the sheer awe that awaits when you go on a Luray Caverns tour.

Geology’s Hall of Fame

This incredible landmark has been dubbed geology’s hall of fame, hosting millions of visitors for a Luray Caverns tour. These caverns are the most popular in the Eastern United States because of their remarkable grandeur. Your Luray Caverns tour will travel along well-lighted, paved walkways through the caverns. Walk through cathedral-sized rooms with 10-story-high ceilings, monstrous stone formations, and breathtaking natural wonders with every turn!

The Incredible Sites on Your Luray Caverns Tour

These beautiful sites include Saracen’s Tent, delicately folded stone formations. There is also Giant’s Hall, enormous chambers full of towering columns, sparkling draperies, and clear pools. You will also come across Dream Lake, known as an other-worldy optical illusion. This is the largest body of water in the caverns, though its deepest point is no more than 20 inches! The reflective lake, however, creates some picturesque scenes along its surface, mirroring the glittering stalactites dangling above. Titania’s Veil is another masterpiece, a giant white crystalline form of limestone known as calcite. The Double Column, at a height of 47 feet, is another grand spectacle.

The Stalacpipe Organ

The aforementioned sites that you will see during your Luray Caverns tour are marvelous, but the Stalacpipe Organ is a treasure all its own. You won’t believe your ears! Within the caverns, this formation of stalactites serves as the world’s largest musical instrument. The rock formations sing as the organ taps them through the three acre spread of caverns. You can hear Moonlight Sonata being performed on this incredible instrument. This phenomenon can’t be found anywhere else in the world!

After Your Luray Caverns Tour

After adventuring in on Luray Caverns Tour, come back to your retreat with The Inn at Vaucluse Spring. Choose from a variety of stand-alone properties combined into a relaxing and rejuvenating bed and breakfast getaway. We hope to see you here soon!