The Top 5 Things to Do in Front Royal, VA

There are so many things to do in Front Royal, VA, during your visit to The Inn at Vaucluse Spring. Just 20 minutes away from our peaceful countryside bed and breakfast, you will find the bubbling community of Front Royal, VA. with a variety of activities and attractions. From browsing some unique local shops to enjoying a drink at the favorite local watering hole, there is much to love about this charming town! Here are just a few of our favorite things to do in Front Royal, VA.

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5 of the Best Things to Do in Front Royal, VA

Taste Some History at the Virginia Beer Museum

Downtown Front Royal is a popular area to discover shopping, restaurants, and more attractions. Here, you will find the Virginia Beer Museum, a popular bar. Cheers to tasting an important piece of history when you sip on your pint! Choose from unique local beers, such as the Three Notch’d Pumperkin’ IPA, Pale Fire Red Molly Irish Ale, or the Chaos Mountain 4 Mad Chefs. Discover more unique flavors on their craft beer menu.

Get a Picnic Lunch at Blue Wing Frog

One of our favorite Front Royal, Virginia, restaurants provides the perfect packed picnic lunches to take with you on the go. The Blue Wing Frog is a great option for the adventurer trying to hit all of the attractions in Front Royal. With a menu that changes daily, Blue Wing Frog will wrap you up a delicious meal from an unusual picnic menu. A mushroom pate could be the appetizer to your shrimp po’boy before a banana espresso cake dessert. Just check the menu of the day to create your perfect lunch!

Explore the Skyline Caverns

One of the most adventurous things to do in Front Royal, VA, is exploring the Skyline Caverns. The closest natural wonder to the nation’s capitol, the Skyline Caverns feature rare anthodites in their underground oasis. A one-hour guided cavern tour will escort you through this geological wonder. Enjoy the splendor of Rainbow Falls, the Painted Desert, Mirror Lake, Cathedral Hall, and more beautifully named chambers.

Visit the Warren Rifles Confederate Museum

Another one of the most popular things to do in Front Royal, VA, is browsing the historic artifacts at the Warren Rifles Confederate Museum. The museum houses relics and memorabilia from one of the most pivotal wars in our nation’s history. Explore treasured personal items of Confederate leaders such as Gen. Robert E. Lee. Authentic war items, Confederate uniforms, restored historic documents, and even weapons used in the Battle of Front Royal are on display here!

Find Your Vacation Read at the Royal Oak Bookshop

Discover the cutest neighborhood book store when you visit the Royal Oak Bookshop in Front Royal. Opened in 1975, this local staple is located in an old house as well as the masonry building next door. You will also discover some very loved bookshop cats within these walls. Browse the shelves and find some novels from local authors as well as tried and trued classics and obscure titles alike. Ultimately, select your perfect vacation read to enjoy during your stay at The Inn at Vaucluse Spring!

After Your Front Royal Adventures, Come Back to The Inn at Vaucluse Spring

Settle in at our relaxing bed and breakfast in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley after your local adventures. Our gorgeous grounds and variety of accommodations are two wonderful features you are sure to love. You also might enjoy our restaurant and luxurious amenities. We hope to see you soon at The Inn at Vaucluse Spring!