This is Why You’ll Love Cedar Creek Battlefield

The Cedar Creek Battlefield is one of the many historic sites in the area around The Inn at Vaucluse Spring. This property is where the Battle of Cedar Creek took place during the American Civil War in 1864. Today, the Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation protects and preserves the land for educational purposes. Passes and maps are available at the Cedar Creek Battlefield Visitor Center for a self-guided tour, as well as more information about the battle and land upon which it was fought. When you step onto the Cedar Creek Battlefield, take a moment to take in the history you are seeing right before your eyes!

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Cedar Creek Battlefield History

There are not many opportunities to walk exactly where history was made. The story of determination and courage began in the early morning hours of October 19, 1864. Confederate Lieutenant General Jubal Early initiated a surprise attack on the Union forces along Cedar Creek near Middletown. The Confederate forces had between 11,000 and 16,000 men compared to the Federal Army’s 32,000. However, Early’s morning attack caught the Union troops by surprise! Their commander, Major General Philip Sheridan, was also away at the time the battle commenced.

Sheridan rode back to his troops on horseback to find them disorganized and confused. In shock and through determination, he developed a counterattack by mid-afternoon to drive the Confederate line back toward Middletown. The Confederates were successfully driven south of the town. Then, out of nowhere, General George Custer launched a sweeping arc around the Union’s right flank. The descent of 10,000 horses thundered into the valley, yet Sheridan persisted until his ultimate victory. The Cedar Creek Battlefield marks the last significant Confederate resistance in the Shenandoah Valley.

Visiting Cedar Creek Battlefield

The Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation has created a partnership with the National Park Service, allowing the organization to host regularly scheduled tours on the property. Tours are available during summer months where knowledgeable guides will fill visitors in on some interesting historical facts. The unique trenches in the land have a rich history of battle just waiting to be shared! There are also special events in the fall, such as the Battle of Cedar Creek Reenactment. Witness real cannons and Civil War clothing as you watch history unravel right before your eyes as a spectator at this battle reproduction!

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