Discover the Rich History of the Winchester National Cemetery

One of our favorite parts of the area surrounding The Inn at Vaucluse Spring is the story of its incredible past. The Shenandoah Valley has seen the area evolve from wins and losses of battles, the construction and demolition of homes, and more. When you stay at our inn, you’ll have the opportunity to explore this amazing aspect of the area for yourself. See battlefields, museums, and historic sites. A unique site to visit is the Winchester National Cemetery. It dates all the way back to the Civil War! Pay respects to ancestors and fallen heroes here.

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History of the Winchester National Cemetery

The Winchester National Cemetery was first started during the time of the Civil War. Its use dates all the way back to 1862, but it was not officially dedicated until 1866. It became a government cemetery in 1870 and has remained so ever since. The first soldiers ever laid to rest here were from the Union side of the Civil War. They had fought and passed during the battles of Winchester, New Market, Front Royal, Snickers Gap, Harper’s Ferry, Martinsburg, and Romney.

Since then, the keepers of the Winchester National Cemetery have done tremendous upkeep. To respect our veterans, the grounds have been meticulously kept up. Trees are always trimmed, headstones reset and re-straightened, and gardening taken care of. You’ll never see a single thing out of place here!

About the Winchester National Cemetery

The Winchester National Cemetery is recognized as a United States National Cemetery. They have accepted veterans and their families dating all the way back to the Civil War. They are closed to new interments, but spaces become available periodically. Along with the cemetery, there are 15 monuments on the grounds, most of which are in remembrance of those that fought in Virginia during the Civil War. It has gained respect throughout the years as a keeper of our veterans.

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