What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness, most simply put, is a special way of paying attention, on purpose, to our current moment, fully, and with openness and acceptance. Mindfulness allows us to tap into our inner resources, wisdom and strength in order to respond wisely to our challenges as opposed to reacting automatically.  It enhances our sense of balance and empowerment, so we can make choices that allow us to cope better and even thrive within the face of stress and adversity.  Mindfulness, a basic human quality, can be cultivated to improve overall health and quality of life.  It is a way to nourish and integrate body, mind, and spirit, decreasing the impact of stress and allowing in more joy, peace and well-being.

Decades of medical research studies show lasting reductions in physical and psychological symptoms, reduction of and improved coping with chronic pain, and significantly improved satisfaction, joy, and quality of life.

Medical studies have proven that mindfulness provides benefits for: general stress reduction, chronic medical illnesses, insomnia, changes of menopause, relationship conflicts, adjunctive support for cancer, chronic pain, emotional and/or psychological distress.

For information about our Mindfulness Workshops explore our page or email Tiffany at mail@vauclusespring.com

What does this have to do with The Inn at Vaucluse Spring?

One of the major reasons that Tiffany and Derrick decided to purchase the Inn at Vaucluse Spring in 2015 was the retreat like natural setting here that provides an unspeakable sense of tranquility, peace, and rejuvenation. The Inn at Vaucluse Spring specializes in wellness retreats and programs, providing a calm and relaxing escape. Prior to moving to Virginia, Tiffany was a practicing physician in Hawaii for 16 years, specializing in teaching mindfulness to individuals, community groups and corporations. She has led mindfulness workshops and retreats for many years in Hawaii and is carrying on that passion here in Virginia at the Inn. She will be offering periodic mindfulness classes and short retreats, please be sure to sign up for our newsletter if you are interested in learning about future offerings. If there is a particular class you would like to attend and do not see a future date set yet, please contact us and express your interest, as this may help guide the plan for the next group. Tiffany is also available to create a custom program for your group or company of up to 30 participants. The offerings are experiential and intimate, so class sizes are limited. Keep a look out for sessions such as:

    • Introduction to Mindfulness: for those who want to learn about mindfulness in a peaceful retreat setting while still having time to play and explore the wonders of the Shenandoah Valley in the afternoon and evenings.
    • Mini Mindfulness Retreats: 1-3 day all day workshops and retreats for those who have completed a mindfulness workshop such as MBSR and want to deepen their practice with others in a beautiful setting more intensively.
    • Mindful Communication: strategies for communicating with deep insight and clarity, honesty, and respect for self and others
    • Mindful Communication for Couples: specifically tailored to couples, compassionately exploring patterns that interfere with open communication and practicing and cultivating patterns that enhance intimacy
    • Mindful Leadership: for those wanting to enhance their ability to relate to others, inspire teams, and lead by example with wisdom, heart and emotional intelligence
    • Mindful Parenting: for parents looking for an effective and compassionate way to communicate and interact with children
    • Mindfulness at Work and In Life: to improve productivity, creativity and promoting healthy and inspiring workplace environments

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How can mindfulness be helpful in the workplace?

Mindfulness workplace programs have been proven to: increase focus/attention, improve productivity, increase creativity, emotional intelligence, employee and customer satisfaction, communication skills, empathy, solution finding/out of the box thinking, and group morale. These mindfulness programs also decrease stress at the individual level and create work environments that are more collaborative, supportive and healthy. Healthier and happier employees translate to less sick days, lower health-care costs, and higher productivity in the workplace. Because of these many benefits, mindfulness workplace programs are becoming the norm in high profile companies such as: Google, ebay, Ford Motor Company, Kaiser Permanente, General Mills, Facebook, and even NASA.

About the Teacher

Tiffany Niide MD, PhD  was born and raised in Hawaii and is a physician who up until august of 2015 had been practicing in Makai Ola, an integrative health clinic in Kapaa, Hawaii. She has been committed to her own personal mindfulness practice for many years. In addition to her medical training in pediatrics, psychiatry and neurology, Tiffany has years of extensive specialized training in mindfulness-based therapies and approaches and has completed over 320 hours of intensive MBSR teacher training with senior teachers from the University of Massachusetts, including a 65+ hour group training led by the founder of MBSR, Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn PhD, and Dr. Saki Santorelli, PhD. Tiffany’s classes are unique in that she is able to combine her medical knowledge of the brain and proven cognitive and behavioral strategies with the powerful practice of mindfulness to truly inspire others to lasting beneficial change.

For information about our Mindfulness Workshops explore our page or email Tiffany at mail@vauclusespring.com