This is Why You’ll Love a Romantic Date at Linden Vineyards

When traveling to The Inn at Vaucluse Spring, you will see some beautiful vineyards and wineries along your route. One of those vineyards is the premier Linden Vineyards set on top of the Blue Ridge Mountains. At this quiet, intimate vineyard and winery combination, you will get to tour some incredible land on the beautiful mountaintop and taste delicious local wine. Whether you simply want to escape into nature for a peaceful retreat or if you’re a wine connoisseur ready for a taste, Linden Vineyards is the place to go! Here are just a few things you need to know about Linden Vineyards before you plan your visit.

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History of Linden Vineyards

The vineyards were established in 1981 by a young winemaker named Jim Law with a vision of unlimited possibilities. A sense of adventure led this winemaker to set roots on an abandoned farm at the top of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Since those early pioneer days, winegrowing has become a popular endeavor in an evolving region. The goals of Linden Vineyards are to express the forces of earth, weather, and wine in a bottle. This poetic sentiment is realized by a strong grape variety. While the Linden Vineyards white wines have a subtle yet vibrant acidity, the red wines offer an earthy depth. This 4,000-case winery put out its first vintage in 1987 and has since continued to produce some delicious varieties.

Visiting Linden Vineyards

The vineyard winery setting is a favorite for couples, with a peaceful romantic oasis stretching out before you. What better way to enjoy a glass of wine than overlooking the vineyards in which its grapes were grown? You can participate in tastings as well as tours. The fee is $8 for a tasting, which will include some expert knowledge as well as a glass of signature wine. For a more in-depth tasting, there is a special reserve cellar opportunity for $25 each. Linden Vineyards prepares single-vineyard wines and older vintages for a tasting every hour on the hour from 12-4pm. There are also tours at 11:30am on Saturdays and Sundays at no charge. Bring your special someone to a tasting at this gorgeous Virginia vineyard.

Wines at Linden Vineyards

The wines at Linden Vineyards include both reds and whites. They date back to 2008, while the most recent are from 2016. With the proper storage, many of the wines at Linden Vineyards age quite beautifully. For red wines, choose from options such as the 2013 Boisseau, 2015 Rose, 2011 Petit Verdot, and 2012 Hardscrabble. White wines available include the 2015 Riesling Vidal, 2014 Chardonnay, and 2008 Late Harvest Vidal. There are also other vintage wines available with exclusive access.

Stay at the Mill House Studio

After enjoying your time at Linden Vineyards, retreat back to The Inn at Vaucluse Spring for a romantic evening. Enjoy your relaxing getaway with gorgeous views when you stay at the private Mill House Studio. This two-story cottage has its own cottage garden, water’s edge patio with Adirondack chairs, and large windows overlooking Vaucluse Spring. The sound of water rushing through the old millrace can be heard from your room! A king-size brass bed, two-person Jacuzzi tub, and large gas fireplace are just a few features you will love. After a peaceful night’s rest, wake up in the morning to a delicious hand-prepared breakfast with your sweetheart!